All About Iconic Furniture

All About Iconic Furniture

Iconic furniture is often referred to as modern furniture which has been influenced by modernism and is a big departure from traditional furniture designs and is often seen as more simple, sleek and visually light compared to traditional, heavy wooden furniture of older eras. Often much of today’s furniture is closers to iconic or modern designs than traditional designs. Not only are many of the designs different to conventional furniture, but the material used is often very different. Traditional furniture relied on heavy woods, while iconic furniture is uses materials such as moulded plywood, plastics which greatly helped to form the new shapes and designs. Also, very popular was polished and shined metal.

Some of the most famous designers of iconic furniture are British designer Robin Day, who famously designed the polypropylene stack chair. Also, husband and wife team, Charles and Ray Eames, who during the 1950s used moulded plywood as well as fibreglass, plastic and wire mesh and pioneering technologies to create some of the most iconic, unique and innovative furniture designs which still look modern and fresh today. The Eames famously created a range of iconic dining chars starting wth the DSW, which is an ultra stylish chair, its moulded shell is made using polypropylene, which is held above a maple wood base. The chair is comfortable and is available is arrange of colours so that work perfectly in any colour room.

The Eames also designed the sleek DSR chair, which was first presented in the New York Museum of Modern Art competition. The DSR was originally made from fibreglass, however, reproductions are often made from polypropylene and absolutely no modern designed home is complete without this legendary chair. Another famous design is the DAW lounge dining, this iconic piece of furniture revolutionised the way furniture was designed. The DAW chair maintained the Eames principles of designing low-cost furniture whilst balancing a distinctive design and functionality. Today many different companies reproduce this chair and its timeless quality ensures that it remains one of the most best selling products.

The Eames not only created pieces of art they also created designs for life and this can clearly be seen in the DAR chair, which is both stunning in design but is one of the most comfortable chairs. Its sleek and simple design looks effortless whilst still remaining the focal point of any room. The DAR chair was originally made from brightly coloured fibreglass with contrasting cool steel legs. Another classic piece by Eames was the RAR rocking chair, created with a moulded shell for comfort which rested upon a four leg wire base with two wooden rockers making this a timeless piece while the ease of the chair would look perfect in any living room.

While the Eames produced much of the iconic pieces of the modernist era, Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona sofas remain one of the most iconic pieces of the period. Its simple design combines both functionality as well as magnificence. Its leather provided a comfortable piece of furniture, while the steel construction allows the sofa to remain sleek, combining these materials mean that the furniture works well in any decor, whether traditional or contemporary.

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