Before & After: Modern Rustic Bedroom with Boho Décor

Modern rustic bedroom - Blissful Design

Blending interior styles is a surefire way to enjoy a bespoke space. Especially one that perfectly captures individual tastes and needs. After all, home design preferences rarely fit neatly into a single box. A recent Decorilla client absolutely agreed since they appreciated elements from various looks. Read on to explore how their modern rustic master bedroom with boho décor turned out!

The Challenge: Modern Rustic Master Bedroom

Homes are exceptionally personal spaces and should complement the owners’ lives and styles. It’s only natural then that every interior design project comes with unique challenges. For this modern rustic room design to be successful, the designer had to:

  • Implement warm and cozy bedroom ideas for couples while keeping the look crisp and contemporary
  • Make a feature out of the tray ceiling
  • Design a built-in window seat that doubles as storage space
  • Create a modern rustic master bedroom using high-quality yet reasonably priced furnishings
  • Use rustic and boho elements throughout and ensure they form a connected whole 

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Scandi Inspiration & Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

modern rustic bedroom design ideas

One glance at the client’s inspirational images makes it clear they know what they enjoy style-wise. Their modern rustic b
edroom ideas include distinct pieces of 
bohemian décor too yet still feel cohesive. Whimsical elements, like four-poster beds, plush bedding, and wooden accents, stand out. Cozy neutrals and an overall neat, layered look also define these spaces.

In addition to modern with a bohemian twist, Scandinavian traits also feature. Contrast comes through in elements and colors. More specifically, black and whites as well as soft and hard surfaces. In the end, all the spaces are harmonious because of their juxtaposition.

Moodboard & Modern Rustic Room Design

modern rustic bedroom - Nikola P

Decorilla modern rustic room design with boho décor

The client’s confidence in their preferred modern rustic interior design style made finishing the initial steps easy. To start, they took a virtual quiz, followed by creating a design brief. Next, it was time for an online meeting with the Decorilla team. After the meeting, Decorilla identified two top designers to make the client’s modern rustic ideas come alive – with a boho twist, of course!

Equipped with the details, the designers produced a custom moodboard each. These were then presented to the client, who had to choose a favorite to continue with the process. It was a tough choice since both concepts were stunning. However, they ultimately chose Nikola P.’s creation. It not only met their criteria but exceeded expectations – especially after a few minor tweaks!

Modern rustic master bedroom mood boards

Decorilla mood board variations featuring modern rustic bedroom ideas

Nikola’s online bedroom design moodboard was a prime example of rustic Scandi meets boho. Every element was obviously chosen with great care. The final concept showed depth, thanks to its blend of patterns, textures, and hues. Moodboard fur
nishings the client fell in love with were the modern rustic bed frame in brushed black metal and the matching chandelier.

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Moody Modern Rustic Master Bedroom Result

modern rustic master bedroom - Nikola P

Modern rustic master bedroom with a bohemian twist – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern rustic master bedroom is the perfect tranquil escape due to its spacious layout, color palette, as well as curated furniture and décor. Its crisp white walls and warm wooden flooring give the space enduring appeal. The tray ceiling, now covered in rustic white planks, combines the best of both the walls and flooring. It not only adds visual appeal but also depth, creating a truly special feature.

modern rustic bed frame - Nikola P

Modern rustic bed frame in a boho-inspired bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

There’s a light and airy atmosphere in the room. It’s thanks to the natural light streaming in through many windows, paired with the chic color scheme. Plenty of designer lights provide additional brightness when necessary. The lighting also enhances the serene mood. Elements like the black, brushed metal chandelier and modern rustic bed frame bring welcome contrast and balance.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Décor

modern rustic bedroom - Nikola P

Bohemian and modern rustic bedroom décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

When it comes to the best of boho meets modern rustic room design, this master bedroom has it all. For one thing, wooden accents in different neutral hues, ranging from light to dark, adorn the space. They add warmth, color, and texture. Other organic-inspired elements, like the faux indoor plant and rattan storage baskets, give a refreshing air. Additionally, the plant acts as a pop of color among the neutrals.

Plush, modern rustic bedroom décor softens hard surfaces in the room. The built-in window seat, for instance, with its handy open and covered drawers, features plenty of scatter cushions. Additionally, the cool metal bedframe is perfectly balanced by the snug, layered bedding. The same goes for the floor, where a delicately patterned area rug offsets the hardwood.

modern rustic bedroom ideas - Nikola P

Modern rustic room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Small yet significant decorative touches complete the look. Black and white pottery, tribal artwork, and a playful horse statuette contribute to the room’s bohemian flair. And finally, a sleek, floor-length mirror is more than a mere practical piece. It also makes the cozy bedroom feel even roomier.

Online Shopping List

Shopping list for modern rustic bedroom design ideas

Decorilla online shopping list

Working with Decorilla means enjoying more than breathtaking designs. During the collaboration, clients also gain access to resources like virtual shopping lists. It makes creating their new modern rustic bedroom or whichever space a joy. Exclusive trade discounts further enhance the online shopping experience. Additional perks include photorealistic 3D renderings and detailed layout instructions.

Top Picks for a Cozy Rustic Bedroom

A few core pieces and bright ideas can completely transform any space. If this project’s modern rustic bedroom ideas have inspired you, consider trying a few of our top picks. Recreating the look has never been simpler.

Modern rustic bedroom design top picks

  1. Potted Plant
  2. Ivory Rug
  3. Canopy Bed
  4. Fulton Lamp
  5. Callan Mirror
  6. Wooden Bench

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