Combine Design Styles, According to HGTV’s “Mash-Up” Experts

Combine Design Styles, According to HGTV’s “Mash-Up” Experts

It is a tale as old as time: a few purchases a new dwelling or decides to renovate their longtime property, only to comprehend that they have quite various style concepts. The circumstance is typical ample that Christina Valencia and Kele Dobrinski, the few driving the Sacramento-dependent inventive studio Colossus Mfg., have established a new HGTV tv series devoted to assisting out model-conflicting homeowners. 

In the present, “Mash-Up Our Home,” the married structure staff offers advice for partners with differing styles and preferences, and can help them generate a household that each parties can concur on. For people who are searching to mash-up their styles at household and locate themselves devoid of qualified designers on hand, Valencia and Dobrinski shared some of the secrets to their mash-up empire.

“The way that we go about it is, when we walk by means of household, we individual the householders and we attempt [to] get as a great deal data from them as we can,” Dobrinski claimed. “I assume it’s a really excellent commencing location.” The important to results is being extremely straight-ahead in your interests originally, even if you know they’re not the very same as individuals of your associate. “I consider when you’re in a connection for a long time you tend to consider about ‘we’ a great deal. And I feel it’s awesome to really commence by currently being selfish and be like, ‘Okay, what do I want in my place?’”

From there, couples can get started producing a list alongside one another of likes and dislikes and see if there is any crossover or overlapping passions. It’s also practical to recognize what every single individual certainly simply cannot have in their house. It is critical, Dobrinski shared, to glimpse further than just design and style and actually look at particular elements and hues that may well be of shared curiosity.

Valencia noted that an “unbiased 3rd party” can be specifically helpful for couples. “Even if you had a pal in excess of that can be impartial and be like, ‘How considerably coloration do you actually require? How substantially of the rainbow will make you happy?’,” she advised. “[Having] anyone get the job done through that essentially could be a seriously pleasurable joyful hour.”