Convert Your Knowledge Into an Extra Income

Convert Your Knowledge Into an Extra Income

Everyone has a specialty or some knowledge they can convert into cash. Think about your life for a minute. What do you do everyday that other people would like to learn about? There are books out on market for everything under the sun, and people buy them! You can get in on that market by offering others a glimpse into your life or knowledge base.

There are also magazines covering every topic imaginable, and they are always looking for new content – even if it is not totally original content (meaning you don’t need to discover something completely revolutionary just to share your knowledge). So, you could write for a magazine, write a column for your local newspaper, or start your own little newspaper. People crave information and entertainment.

Look around your local bookstore or even at the magazines and newspapers you have in your house. Look through it and pick out the areas where you think “Hey, I could write something like that!” Then start thinking up ideas. Editorial contact information is now on most companies websites, so you can look up how that particular company wants you to submit your articles or book.

Can’t think of anything to write on, here a few things that will hopefully help you generate ideas:

-Are you parent with a hectic life? How do you handle it? Others may want to know…

-Are you in the trades? Could you write article on common household, car or appliance problems?

-Are you into computers or electronics? What are common issues people ask you about?

-Are you in cleaning or janitorial services? People like me need to know how to clean things…when like I dump red wine on my white carpet…Think of some other common things that are hard to clean, but you know a trick that works like magic.

-Are in administrative or secretarial type work? People would love to hear how you keep everything organized…How you put up with your boss… How YOU would make the company better or more productive, from your point of view

-Are you a waiter? So are a lot of other people…how can you help them find the best restaurants to work at? Anyway to make more in tips? Any tips for being a good host? How to deal with ass-hole customers…

-In human resources? How can people land that dream job? What do you look for in resumes/interviews?

-Are you a hairdresser or in makeup? Anyways to look better? Get better skin? Get better hair?

So that doesn’t cover all the industries, but hopefully it gives you ideas for offering information in your own field. Even if you only write an article every few months, that is extra money in your pocket for just expressing to the world what you know. In tough times, one thing seems to stay rock solid and that is the flow of information. Get your idea out there and make some money doing it.

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