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What Should I Know About The Cleaning & Maintenance Of Different Types Of Decks?

Composite Decking Cleaning & Maintenance

Decks that are coated with a polyethylene finish, such as TimberTech®, have unabsorbant surfaces.  This type of composite deck installation can be cleaned as needed with a pressure washer and mild detergent.  If the deck has stubborn organic stains and has not been washed in a couple OF years, composite deck cleaners can be used.  They can be purchased from hardware stores.  Because TimberTech® composite decking is much harder than wood decks, it is less easily damaged by the use of a pressure washer.  It’s better to start with the pressure washer nozzle a distance from the deck and move in closer once you understand how the deck responds to the pressure washer.

TimberTech AZEK® Shoreview, MN

Wood Deck Cleaning & Maintenance

Wood decks need to be maintained in order to keep looking their best.  Many times, homeowners opt for a clear stain in order to showcase the wood deck’s natural color.  A reliable stain for wood decks is the rosewood oil based product, Penofin.  It’s important to know that clear wood deck stain products have less UV protection than deck stains with pigments.  Before staining a wood deck for the first time, a moisture meter should be used to make sure that the wood has a moisture level below 15%.  If the wooden deck has too much moisture, it will not be able to correctly absorb the deck stain.

before gutters

Kiln Dried After Treatment Lumber (KDAT) Deck Cleaning & Maintenance

This type of wood deck has the moisture removed prior to installation.  The kiln drying process creates a more solid deck than one composed of traditional woods.  There is no waiting period to seal a KDAT wood deck because it is already absent of moisture.  It is not necessary to treat the deck to preserve it from rot or decay.  However, staining it will keep the deck looking like new.

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Should Roofing Contractors Be Evaluating My Roof Insulation & Ventilation During My Roof Replacement Estimate?

Many roofing services will inspect roof insulation and ventilation during a roof replacement estimate.  That’s because many roofing problems can occur if there are incorrect levels of insulation and ventilation.  These can include a shortened lifespan of the roof installation and ice dams.  With roof vents, the goal should be to create a push-pull effect so that intake air is drawn in through the soffits and exhausts out the peak of the roof.  To correctly do this, roofing services measure the square footage of the attic to understand how much intake is needed.  It’s important to partner with roofing contractors that have a working knowledge of insulation and ventilation so that the correct type and number of roof vents are installed at home.

Ridge Vent
Here’s a roof our team installed that utilizes ridge vents.

What’s The Best Type of Exhaust Vent Roofing Companies Use?

A ridge vent is located at the peak of the roof.  Plywood is cut back about three inches on each side.  This type of exhaust is the best because the heat from the attic can exit at the very tip of the attic.  This type of system works well on a gabled roof because the ridge is extremely long.  On hip roofs, where gutter systems go all the way around the house, the ridge may not be long enough to get ventilation using a ridge vent.  In this case, louver and turbine vents may be used.

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