High Gloss Kitchen Designs – A Closer Look

High Gloss Kitchen Designs – A Closer Look

This is the one that everyone’s talking about right now. If you want to be hot on trend then high gloss designs are the way to go. High gloss is exactly what it says on the tin. They are highly reflective, shiny new doors and cabinets. When people see this kitchen design in a showroom they instantly want one right there and then.

High Gloss = Instant Designer Look

There is one thing for certain; if you go for high gloss you will instantly get that designer look. Your friends will see your new designer kitchen and they will want it for themselves. Throw a party and the envious looks will keep you smiling all night long. Just be prepared to be cleaning fingers prints off as you’re walking past, your guests just won’t stop stroking your doors.

Will a High Gloss Design stand the test of time?

I’m not talking about quality here I’m talking about style. Will your brand new shiny trendy kitchen suddenly start to look dated and make you think “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” This is always a tough one. Think back over time and picture some of the kitchens you remember having in the past or if your too young to remember (like myself *cough* *cough*) then think of grannies kitchen.

Personally I have an image of very dark wood, green Formica counter, and avocado green appliances. Oh yes that sounds pretty bad right now doesn’t it but back when granny and grandpa got that kitchen fitted. I can guarantee you they were the envy of all their friends, throwing parties, making a black forest gateau and prawn cocktail in their brand new avocado inspired kitchen.

Well that made for pretty depressing reading. So back to the main question. Do I think your new high gloss kitchen will stand the test of time? If done correctly absolutely, YES IT WILL

While I don’t want to upset anyone who likes the idea of a bright orange/green/pink/red kitchen or anyone who has indeed already bought one, I think there’s more chance that will date than black, white or cream. Not forgetting, if you wanted to sell your house in a few years time your buyers might not like the idea of blood red kitchen doors.

If you like that bright colour that much paint it on your walls or use accessories, not your kitchen doors and cabinets.

Given these two options which would you rather do?

A. Paint a wall
B. Rip out and install a whole new kitchen

Personally I would be going for option A. But I suppose there is always option C. Grin and bear it because you have to. A white high gloss is almost guaranteed to go with any colour you want to throw at it.


“That’s going to be expensive” I think this is a natural reaction to have when you see a high gloss kitchen. But I can promise you as far as Red Kite are concerned it is as cheap as other kitchen designs. Behind that beautiful highly glossed exterior it is essentially the same as other kitchens.


During the course of writing this article I asked my wife, what she thought about high gloss kitchens. I think she summarised it perfectly well so I will leave you with her thoughts

“GIMME GIMME GIMME I want that kitchen now.”

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