Home Design and Decor – 10 Tricks for Giving Your Small Home a Capacious Look

Decorating a home and selection of right home furniture and furnishings is a big challenge for so many of us and it becomes even more challenging for the small homes. It is because regardless of how lavish your home area is, sooner or later, you may find the walls just closing on you, somehow. There are several factors involved in making your home look much smaller than it actually is. But now you do not need to get panic concerning your small living places because here are a few trendy and quite a handy home furniture and furnishings tips to help you renovate your home.

1. Choose the Light Colours on Walls

Bold and vibrant colours are usually found more appealing but to make your home look bigger and spacious, it is better to decide on some light colours. Usually, the creamy, beige, lavender and light grey colors are the optimum choice.

2. Opt for a Monochromatic Theme

Make use of different shades of the same colour for the walls, furniture and other accessories. Monochromatic theme creates a visual coherence for an open space.

3. Employ Multi-Function Furniture

Use of multi-function equipment/furniture brings in more space. Like a desk or a coffee table with storage space or a flip top ottoman.

4. Think Vertical

Arranging your possessions from floor to ceiling is an in use and up-to-the-minute space-saving idea. Such kind of shelving units works best for arranging books in your study, displaying crockery in kitchen or dining area or even in your dressing room for discrete items.

5. Renovate the Lights

Instead of the above-head lights, go for several lamps in the rooms. It is not just the way to spread the light but it would draw the eyes around giving illusion of a bigger space around.

6. Keep the Windows Uncovered

For the sake of capacious look, skip the dark-inducing windows drapes. Landscape across the windows will grab the attention and sunlight during day timings will keep the room illumined.

7. Go for Statement Furniture

Instead of placing a number of settee in your living room, place a single and relatively bigger couch. Decreasing the clutter, it will give a roomy appearance.

8. Use Mirror

Either a single and relatively bigger or a set of small mirrors placed strategically against the main wall will add an esthetic and trendy yet generous look.

9. Avoid Displaying Unnecessary Stuff

Do not display everything. Keep the unnecessary stuff in storage space and for the decorative items, make a set of them and display on regular or seasonal intervals.

10. Dare Getting Unconventional

There is no any hard and fast rule in home decor. So, opt for any of the furniture arrangement that suits you best for your small living space.

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