How To Build Great Bathroom Renovations In Sydney, Australia

How To Build Great Bathroom Renovations In Sydney, Australia

A well designed and built bathroom can transform your home with a fresh new look and you can have the use of many years of one of the best enjoyed areas of a home

Just think about it – great decisions have been made in bathrooms! In Sydney Australia, the most important thing to realize is that a bathroom renovation is not a cheap project; it can cost many thousands of dollars. A little planning in the sort term can make a mile of difference in the long term.

The way I approach a bathroom design and renovation is to ask for a budget for the project, and I then tailor a budget for individual needs. A typical plan goes like this;

1. Figure out the space you have to work with by measuring floors, walls and ceiling.

2. Check the conditions of the substructure and walls behind the existing bathroom.

There is a good chance that one the interior is stripped out & their may be issues with rotten flooring. For example, some builders used to use yellow tongue boards and when water came into the equation they would rot

3.Water-proofing –when the membrane is to be applied you need to make sure that it is compatible with the tile adhesive. Your builder needs to plan your project & follow correct building code practices. After a thorough inspection, he can then give your new bathroom the best waterproofing membrane for adequate protection against moisture and rot.

Case Study

One bathroom I recently inspected for one of my clients in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney had no waterproofing system at all! All the timber studs in the wall were rotten and termites had infested the house due to the moisture levels.

The termite control program alone cost over $5,000 the rotten timbers had to be removed and replaced, and THEN correct waterproofing had to be installed. Total cost? Over $25,000!

So don’t risk it. Make sure with your bathroom renovation that a proper inspection is carried out prior to bathroom renovations, plan ahead, and ensure that correct building practices and standards are adhered to.

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