How to Stop Burglars in Practical Ways?

House locks were invented back in the 70s to prevent possible crimes. It worked as the number of burglaries decreased during those times. The downside of installing a lock to the front door is that the household won’t be able to know who the intruders are in case of a crime.

Most individuals spend more time at work which allows thieves to enter their houses. The truth is that, despite locking the doors and windows, burglars may still invade a house. Intruders are getting smarter but technology has made a way to enhance home security. So, they developed different security cameras for added protection against unwelcome guests.

But, here are practical ways how to prevent intruders:

Build Good Relationships

If you are a new resident on a certain street, it is crucial to find people that you can trust. One way to look out for your property is through the neighborhoods. Make sure they are reliable and not subject to any crime by reading local newspapers. This began in the 1960s wherein watch programs were implemented which reduced crime. It works by letting someone look after you while you also must pay attention to the people around you.

Building a good relationship with your neighbors does not include oversharing your day-to-day agenda. For example, you do not need to share your vacation plans with anyone for this might open doors for a thief. 

Maintain Your Privacy

People love to brag about new things on social media, for instance. Burglars are digital nowadays in finding their next victim so better stop bragging online and even on your street.

Some homeowners may leave items outdoors, such as old electronics and recyclable materials. Such things can be a good source of income for criminals who may think there is more inside the property which might lead to robbing.

It is better not to flaunt your treasures to anybody. Improving your home design can help just like putting on blinds on the windows will enhance your privacy. Aim to hide luxurious items, such as vehicles in the garage, and lock them up.

Install Motion Detector Devices

Thieves will do everything to break into a property. They know the best time to invade a house is during working hours and nighttime. Thus, keeping your home fully secured at all times is crucial.

Bad guys won’t enter a house that seems like someone is there. Be smart enough to leave some lights or any devices on when you go out. This will give criminals an impression not to waste time entering the house. Use automatic bulbs to conserve energy.

Another way is to install alarm signals at the entrance to scare away intruders. This also helps to warn the household ahead of time.

Lock Entryways

Most break-in scenarios are non-violent due to the homeowner’s negligence. The best example is failing to lock the doors which allow intruders to easily come inside the property. Always check on your doors when going out, especially the main gate.

 There are different styles of a doorway that require simple ways to lock it in place. You can use a steel bar or a dowel to keep the door secure and deter robbers. Search online for some hacks on how to lock doors and windows using clips or pins for added safety. Also, test the durability of the door from time to time to know if it needs repair or replacement.

Hide The Keys

It seems like a good idea to hide the key under the mats. However, be careful not to let others know about it.

Duplicate your house keys as much as possible and entrust the other key to a trusted person who lives near your house. This individual must be easy to reach out to via call whenever you need the key.

The keys should not bear any personal information to prevent giving chance to bad guys upon attacking your home, in case the keys are misplaced. Always be mindful of holding the keys because it could be a great tool for intruders.

Clean Your Yard

Burglars find the yard a good place to start invading a property. Especially if the yard has tall bushes where they can easily hide. They can also take advantage of tree branches to climb up to break into windows.

Keeping your yard neat will make a difference. Start by cutting those thick branches and pruning the bushes for better visibility against attackers. There is no need to clear up the area. It also benefits your overall home aura that will be more pleasing and safer to dwell in.

Contact The Police

Having contact with the local cops will save you from any harm. Crimes may happen at any time. Tell the police your security needs to lessen your worries each day. It should be communicated well ahead of time before crimes could occur.

Final Thoughts

Hiring security camera installers is one of the best ways to protect property. They can tell the right spots where the device will work well to your advantage. Installing the right camera does not guarantee full protection but it depends on many factors. Consider the above tips to stop burglars from doing any crime and make sure to do your part, like keeping the doors locked when not around.