Indian Furniture Tips – What is an Almirah?

Indian Furniture Tips – What is an Almirah?

Indian furniture has long been the perfect way to add an exotic and beautiful touch to the house or the office. One can find furniture made in India for almost any use, be it within the kitchen as a kitchen cabinet, or a center table in the office. However, it is important to know the Indian names for the different types of furniture – or else you might end up looking for something and buying something else! For example, a cot is called a charpoy or a khatiya, and a couch is called a diwan. In the same manner, a cupboard is called an almirah. Here is some more information about the almirah, or the cupboard:

The Almirah has a special place in the Indian Culture and Tradition:

Contrary to the western cultures cupboards which are simply storage devices, the Indian Almirah has a special place in the Indian family. Generally speaking, in an Indian family, the almirah is a place where the family jewelry, money and even other day to day objects like clothes etcetera are stored. Of course, the jewelry and cash is stored in a separate, locked compartment in the almirah and is almost never opened, except if the situation arises.

Due to this, the Almirah is furniture that is built in such a way that it can be used for everyday use as well as security and storage. The almirah usually has a tall compartment for the storage of shirts on hangers, and smaller, lower compartments for storing folded clothes like trousers, skirts, sarees, etc. there is a separate, albeit small compartment that can be locked – wherein the family valuables are stored.

The Almirah is quite Strong and Sturdy:

As previously noted, an almirah has a special place in the Indian family, and buying an alimrah is normally something that happens with a special event – like a marriage or someone else coming into the house. Therefore, the almirah has to be built very sturdy and strong, as it has to bear the wear and tear of daily use as well as offer the strength and security that a family would require for their valuables and stuff.

The Almirah can be made of several materials:

Traditionally, the almirah, or the almari as it is pronounced in Hindi, is made of wood and only wood. Even today, in rural India, an almirah means a piece of furniture that is created of any kind of wood, be it teak wood, rose wood, etc. However, with the changing times, almirahs have been made of iron, steel and other materials. However, the true aristocracy and beauty of an almirah can still be experienced only in a wooden almirah.

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