Norm Architects Creates a Spa-Like Dental Clinic – Azure Magazine

Anyone filled with a sense of dread by upcoming teeth cleanings will be happy to learn that a new generation of clinics is looking to help. The team at Antwerp’s Dentology+ recently set out to reframe oral hygiene as a form of self-care, banishing memories of anxious trips to sterile environments by enlisting the “soft minimalism” specialists at Copenhagen studio Norm Architects. “We like things simple, but not so minimal that they become cold and uninviting,” explains Norm Architects partner Sofie Thorning. Here, her firm’s approach sees pared-back rooms enriched by tactile flourishes selected for their calming and comforting properties.

norm architects minimal dentist antwerp
norm architects minimal dentist clinic bathroom antwerp

The clinic’s two floors express distinct but overlapping identities. The…