Online Patio Design: 5 Top Apps to Design a Patio Online


Turning your backyard into your favorite hangout spot is easier than you think! Thanks to online patio design and innovative apps, you can have the outdoor paradise you’ve always wanted. Read on for the top patio design apps you can try today!

What to Know Before You Design a Patio Online

Design a patio online results by Lori D
Hollywood hills patio design by Decorilla online patio designer, Lori D

Before starting your search for the best online patio designer or app, consider your expectations. For example, the timeline, costs, and results of real patio projects vary every time. This all depends on who or what you decide to work with. Be sure to establish what outcome you want for your patio redesign.

To help you decide on the right patio design tool for your needs, take into account:

  • The scope of your design job because it’ll have an impact on the project timeline
  • Your desired results, as this will help you figure out what service package you require
  • The budget, to get a better idea of which services, apps and tools fall within your price range

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Best Online Patio Design Tools & Apps

Poolside patio results by Decorilla patio designer, Anna C.
Poolside patio design results by Decorilla patio designer, Anna C.

No matter which level of service you prefer, there’s a perfect patio design tool or service for you. You have the choice to be hands-on, laid-back, or somewhere in-between. Simply go through our list to find your perfect match.

1. Houzz Decorating App

Houzz app to design a patio online

Houzz is the one-stop DIY homemaking solution. On the Houzz app, you can access interior inspiration, an online shop, industry specialists, home improvement articles, newsletters, and the Houzz community. The latter is especially useful when you design a patio online. Once you post your project in the Advice section, you can get feedback and tips on your ideas.

Houzz’s Online Patio Design

Online patio design with a swinging sofa and a barbeque area

If you want to design your patio online, the Houzz app’s features will be useful in every aspect of your project. Save and share your favorite outdoor inspiration and ideas, connect with contractors or designers, and shop décor and materials to get everything done.

We Love:

  • Houzz’s online shop that features over 10 million products and a View in My Room 3D visualization.
  • The Sketch feature that lets you annotate and draw directly on beautiful patio ideas from Houzz.
  • That you can collaborate with any professional your online patio design needs, from architects to decorators to builders.


Houzz is the ultimate homemaker’s app for those who want to design a patio online by themselves while having peace of mind that assistance is just a click away. It also doubles as an exceptional resource library, which makes it a must-have for any design project.

2. Decorilla Patio Design App

Contemporary online patio design by Decorilla interior designer, Stella P.

Decorilla offers a full-suit online interior design service, ideal for discerning clients. With hundreds of interior designers in their team, Decorilla can provide design and décor services across the country. Each affordable flat rate design package includes initial concepts from two designers, photorealistic 3D renderings, a detailed to-do list, a color scheme, a floor plan, and a comprehensive online shopping list – complete with discounts!

Decorilla’s Online Patio Design

Bohemian inspired online patio design
Bohemian-inspired online patio design by Decorilla interior designer, Sarah M.

An attentive team and easy-to-follow process make working with Decorilla a breeze. To get started, complete a style quiz, select the spaces you need help with, and then choose your design package. Decorilla’s experts will match you with two designers to compete for your project. Armed with your requirements, selected designers will provide concepts suited to your home. Once you pick your favorite, the interior designer will finalize their designs while keeping in touch to answer your questions and complete your vision. 

patio design tool results by decorilla
Design a patio online result by Decorilla interior designer, Drew F.

Decorilla virtual patio designer moodboard
Decorilla virtual patio designer moodboard by, Drew F.

Decorilla shopping list for an online patio design complete with discounts
Decorilla shopping list for an online patio design complete with discounts.

We Love:

  • Decorilla’s adept selection process that matches interior designers best suited to the client’s unique requirements.
  • The 3D renderings that give clients a complete virtual view of their finalized patio designs. These also come with guiding tips from the interior designer.
  • That Decorilla offers a high-end interior designer service at a fraction of the cost, while also providing up to 45% discounts on products from wholesalers and popular stores like Crate and Barrel and Wayfair.
Luxury patio with a large seating area next to an infinity pool - a design a patio online result
Luxury online patio design by Decorilla inter
ior designer, Amelia R.


Decorilla is ideal for homemakers who want to design a patio online that is breathtaking but don’t have the skill or time. Expert designers will take care of the designs, add helpful tips and insights, and handle every detail of the shopping list. Moreover, Decorilla offers an in-home design service in over 20 states in the USA. Love their work? Get started on your patio design project today!

Tropical zen online patio design results by Decorilla designer
Tropical zen online patio design by Decorilla interior designer, Jaoa A.

Online interior design services - how it works

3. My Patio Design

Design your patio online with a downloadable patio plan

If you’re unsure about your backyard ideas, My Patio Design is a good place to start. The platform offers numerous downloadable online patio designs that range from courtyards to backyards with up to ten corners. What’s more, with their custom package, you can have your patio design customized to your unique style.

My Patio Design’s Online Patio Design

Luxurious backyard from an online patio design MyPatioDesign

My Patio Design’s process is altogether straightforward. Browse through their extensive design collection or search according to your home’s specifications, such as Patio Designs for 4′ Corners. Additionally, their accessory designs are handy if you want to add a built-in barbeque, kitchen, fireplace, or pergola. After downloading your selections, you can get started by yourself or enlist the help of contractors.

We Love:

  • The extensive catalog of patio designs that also includes designs for the avid DIYer that are easy to construct.
  • My Patio Design’s plans for hardscape accessories, like fire pits, grill stations, pergolas, and patio steps.
  • The ease of use and accessibility of the designs.


My Patio Design is a great platform that can help start your project and get pretty patio ideas flowing. However, you will have to source professional contractors or complete the build process by yourself.

4. iScape Patio Design

iScape online patio design app for your patio design

iScape is a free landscape design app that allows Apple users to design a patio online from a smartphone or iPod. The interactive platform provides not only a way to visualize your outdoor living area but also handy plant information and tips. As a professional designer, you can also use iScape to show clients your vision before engaging in the traditional design process.

iScape’s Online Patio Design

Virtual design your patio online result by iScape

Upload photos of your outdoor space to iScape or use the augmented reality function to visualize your ideal landscape. You can create either 2D or 3D designs, collaborate with your partner or designer, and buy products directly from iScape. What’s more, you can change or redesign your patio online as many times as you want! If you need an expert’s insights, hire an iScape designer, and design your dream patio together.

We Love:

  • That you can dive into designing your patio as soon as the app is installed.
  • The in-app hiring option that matches homeowners with a professional iScape designer.
  • iScape’s user-friendly interface that lets you add textures, cut-out, and clone your design.


iScape is a handy planning tool that makes it easy to visualize your garden and patio area, as well as help you keep track of what you need to buy for your project.

5. HomeByMe Patio Design

HomebyMe design a patio online natural themed result

HomeByMe lets homeowners get an authentic taste of being their own designer. With an easy-to-use 3D planner, you can create a realistic model of your home, add furniture and decorate to your heart’s content. You can even shop directly from the patio design interface.

HomeByMe’s Online Patio Design

Design your patio online with HomeByMe

Getting started is as easy as clicking the ‘Try Now’ button. This takes you to a generic home design that you can modify or scratch entirely to input your home’s floorplan. Add walls, terraces, textures, doors, windows, patio, furniture, décor, and driveways to match your vision. You can also toggle 2D and 3D views to get a better idea of your patio design. Once you’re happy with your creation, click the ‘Visit Store’ button to buy the products you’ve used in the virtual home plan.

We Love:

  • That you can furnish your design with branded items and buy them when your patio is complete.
  • HomeByMe’s beautiful interface and ease of use.
  • That, if you’re struggling, a HomeByMe expert can draw your floorplan for you.


With HomeByMe, homeowners have full control of their design as well as the rest of their home plans. The addition of branded furniture makes shopping a breeze, but it can feel restricting if you want an unlisted item.

Give Online Patio Design a Try!

Ready to design your patio online for your own backyard oasis, but need a little extra help?  Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation for expert online patio design assistance today!

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