Perfect Furniture Plans for the Home Handyman – A Review of Furniture Craft Plans

Perfect Furniture Plans for the Home Handyman – A Review of Furniture Craft Plans

I recently had a furniture building experience that convinced me that using furniture plans was not only a good idea, but a wise time and money saving move.

I saw some bunk beds in one of those discount furniture outlet stores. They were very simple in design, so I decided to save some money and build my own. Well, after a frustrating weekend I ended up with bunk beds that were, to say the least, not what I expected.

A friend recommended that I go online and see if I could find some furniture plans. So, I did just that and found some great plans for all types of woodworking projects, and at a great price.

The package had everything that I needed plus over 9000 different woodworking and furniture plans. There were a multitude of various wood projects covered, and all were user friendly plans that you can easily follow and use at home.

All of the included plans contained all of the information needed for every project. The diagrams are clear and concise with accurate dimensions and detailed explanations.

This is very important because so many of the free and lower quality furniture plans out there do not have the same attention to detail.

Some do not have accurate dimensions or very good explanations of the materials and tools needed. I have gotten more than one set of inferior furniture plans that had diagrams but no written instructions whatsoever. What impressed me about the Furniture Craft Plans was that they had thought of everything beforehand.

All the materials and all the tools necessary for each individual project are listed. The diagrams for each project are clear with accurate measurements and dimensions. The tutorials are user-friendly with very detailed instructions and photos. It is just a simple matter of downloading the files to your computer and printing out whichever plan you need.

The only downside that I could possibly think of is the overwhelming amount of woodworking plans that you actually receive. After all, 9000 plans is a lot of material.

I can only recommend that you focus only on the specific projects that you are interested in at first. Everything is categorized, so all you have to do is choose the appropriate category and select your project and plans.

I really can’t say enough about this package and if you are someone who enjoys woodworking, I think you will also agree that these plans are a good addition to your workshop. The plans are straightforward and un complicated, and most importantly easy to use. Even if you are a total novice you will be able to get the hang of the techniques and develop your woodworking skills very quickly with these clear well written instructions.

An added benefit is the updates. The member’s area is consistently adding new furniture plans and projects to their collection. Once you buy the original package, all future updates and plans are also available to you free.

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