The Eclectic Dallas Home You Need to See

The Eclectic Dallas Home You Need to See

Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group knew right off the bat that she would have to get extra creative in designing a home for newlyweds in Dallas’s Lakewood neighborhood. “Immediately walking in, I knew the main design challenge was going to be combining multiple styles that don’t usually go together — a true eclectic design,” she reflects.

Megan’s clients had extremely different preferences when it came to decor. “He loved pattern, tribal, and global design input, while she appreciated more of the whites, clean lines, and minimal decor, with a feminine vibe,” she says of the couple. Thus, a bit of compromise was key! Megan provided both husband and wife with a questionnaire and then took inventory of the items that the couple already owned to create a design scheme.

Entryway in Dallas home designed by Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group

Throughout the home, you’ll see tribal patterns layered with neutrals — one of the ways that Megan married the couple’s differing tastes.

Patterned armoire in home foyer

Statement pieces like this intricately patterned dresser take center stage in most rooms, while clean lines and neutral tones ground the design.

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One item in particular that the couple was eager to incorporate was a stunning swing with an intricately carved wood frame. “They lived in a small apartment before their home was built, and all they had room for was this swing versus a sofa,” Megan says of her clients. “They’d sit in it together and watch TV and eat dinner — so it needed a place in their new home.” However, Megan did have to design around the swing’s large scale and deep tones. “This is why there are different hues of red throughout the home as well,” she explains.

Swing with a carved wood frame in Dallas home designed by Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group

The homeowners were set on incorporating this treasured swing into their home design. It makes a stunning statement piece in front of a stark white wall.

When it came to other furniture essentials, Megan opted for neutral finds. “Contemporary furniture would not work in this home because then there would be no balance,” she explains. And she took each of her clients’ preferences to heart when selecting textiles. “Even down to the pillows, there is a mix between floral, tribal, geometric, and solids that truly blend both of their styles,” adds Megan, who also used pops of blacks to “ground the design and blend the old and new selections.”

Dining room with detailed table and chairs

Exotic patterns and pops of color bring interest to an otherwise simple dining room.

Close-up of dining room chair in Dallas home designed by Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group

This incredibly detailed dining set is brought into balance by an earthy brown color palette.

Open-concept living room leading to kitchen

The interior design perfectly complements the structural design of the home itself — the perfect marriage of clean lines and ornate detail.

Living room chairs and mirror in Dallas home designed by Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group

Earthy neutrals and a variety of textures create a cozy effect in this living space.

Neutral-colored furniture in home living room

Patterned pillows bring life to neutral white sofas, while a bold black lamp shade brings a touch of modernity.

Kitchen breakfast nook in Dallas home designed by Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group

Several of the patterns featured throughout the home are in muted colors. Yet another clever way to incorporate the preferences of each of the homeowners.

Another personal touch? Art by Megan’s male client’s mother that now hangs in the home. “When he said his mom painted, I had no idea it was to the level of what he showed me,” Megan reflects. “We planned a day specifically to go to their storage, and I pulled my favorites from her collection that represented the color palette the most.”

Megan’s client is an avid photographer himself, and pictures that he snapped on his travels hang in the entryway. Megan strategically selected her favorite shots to best suit the hues in the home. “I’d say the inspiration came from the swing and custom pillow selections I made earlier in the design process, so I knew where to balance the color from the sofa to the walls and as you walked through the home,” she explains.

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Entryway with bench and wall art

As you walk through the home, you noticed purposeful pops of red — inspired by the couples’ swing — and black, used as a grounding element to tie everything together.

Close-up of bench and art in Dallas home designed by Megan Fornes of ML Interiors Group

Some of the artwork found in the home was painted by one of the homeowners’ parents, lending yet another personal touch to the interior design.

Entryway stairs in Dallas home

Pops of black and red beautifully tie together the occasional stark black structural element, like the staircase railing pictured here.

The couple is quite pleased with how their new space came together and perfectly reflects both of their seemingly conflicting styles — and Megan feels the same way. “I love that when you walk into their home you feel the personal blend of their original pieces mixed with new to tell their story of what makes them happy,” she says.

All photos by Matti Gresham Photography.


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