The Rectangular And Round Designs Of A Kitchen Table

There are a few classic pieces of furniture that every home uses. The kitchen table is one such classic item that helps complete the look of a home. This type of table is available in a few different styles. Classic kitchen tables are created in a rectangular shape and made of wood. These tables can come in a variety of different woods including oak, maple and pine. The rectangular style of kitchen table will have four sturdy legs attached to the top to provide the stability it needs. This type of base is different from what is often used in creating round tables.

The round or oval shaped tables will have a central base underneath the table surface. This large post will spread out into separate feet at the bottom to provide the support for the table. The round kitchen table sets can be found in some very small sizes that are designed to be bistro style tables. These sets will include two matching chairs and are often constructed of metal rather than wood. The metal used for the chair’s backrest is usually created in an ornamental fashion with many curves on the piece.

A round kitchen table can also come as a compact style that has one section designed as a folding leaf. This small size is good to use in areas where space is limited and is usually made of wood. The table folds when the arm underneath is moved so it no longer supports the second leaf. The two sections will be attached by hinges that do not show when the table is set in its complete size. The standard round type of table will usually come with four matching chairs made out of the same material as the table.

In the category of rectangular kitchen table and chairs, you will see some modern styles that use a combination of metal and glass to create the contemporary table. The glass is used for this table’s surface area and the metal is used for the base frame that is the legs. The matching chairs will use the metal in the design and may come with seat cushions created with coverings to coordinate with the whole set. There are also round styles that use the glass top table surfaces in creating the piece.

The modern tables made with glass will have the surface area as a solid item so there will not be any leaves that can be moved or repositioned to change the size of this table.

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