Tips To Consider Before You Start Kitchen Renovations

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Kitchen Renovations| Interiors  With Elegance

The kitchen is one of those places that is vital to the functioning of the home. Whether it be rushing your children out the door entertaining your guests or just making yourself something nice, it all happens in the kitchen. 

So, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, there are some things you should keep in mind before getting started with your kitchen makeover.

Make Things More Convenient 

When you plan a kitchen design, you want to think about the most frequent tasks you undertake. If you make a coffee every morning you can make life easier by planning to keep the coffee mugs, coffee grounds and sugar next to the coffee machine. The more convenient things are, the easier it will be for you (especially in the morning). 

Think About Walkways

Don’t forget the space between the cabinets and the island. This is what will make it easy to move through space. You need to keep this in mind as you never know when you’ll need the space and you don’t want to be getting in the way of others in a kitchen, it can be dangerous. 

Get Traffic Through the Kitchen

This is where you consider how to direct traffic through the kitchen. One smart idea is to make the fridge accessible to passers-by without entering the cooking zone. Then you can make sure that the cooktop isn’t in the path through the kitchen, so people aren’t bumping into whoever’s cooking with hot items. 

Consider Corners

Wherever there is a corner, you need to consider cabinet door clearances and appliance doors as well as the direction they swing in, so things remain functional. Try to make sure appliances won’t bump into each other on the corner, and remember that people bump into corners, so keep door knobs low profile and corners nice and soft-edged. 

Know What the Island Does

When it comes to kitchen islands you need to consider the function. Is the kitchen island just for the dishes and prep? Or is the island better used for serving breakfast and seating? Do you want a snack door for the little ones here? If you can be clear about the use of the island, you can construct it to suit your needs. 

Plan Space Near Appliances

Don’t forget the landing space around appliances. This is handy so you can have a spot to quickly place hot things that come out of the oven, you can put things down before they go into the microwave, or you can pour your coffee with plenty of space. 

Don’t Forget Outlets

Surprisingly, people tend to forget just how many outlets are needed in a kitchen. If you plan your appliance beforehand, plan for their electrical outlets too. You can even opt for hidden outlets if you want, but it’s wise to plan for outlets so they can be included in the wiring stage. 

While brainstorming kitchen designs, keep our tips in mind and save yourself a lot of trouble down the line. Even better, you can contact the team at The Australian Kitchen Company and let their expert design team help you put together the kitchen of your dreams! 

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