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Fast Facts About Insulation Contractor Services

The installation of insulation is one of the most energy efficient home improvements a homeowner can make.  Many times, it is more productive to remove the home’s preexisting insulation and start with an empty attic than try and integrate new insulation. Removing the current home insulation gives the insulation contractor the opportunity to view a home’s attic in its entirety.  This is especially helpful when the contractor is trying to locate all attic perforations which allow heat to escape for ice dam prevention.

spray foam insulation

Some homeowners wrongfully assume that ice dams can be caused by their gutter systems during the freeze/thaw cycle.  In fact, ice dams are the result of inadequate insulation and ventilation.  If you’re questioning if your attic has the proper R-value, it’s wise to have a reputable insulation contractor inspect your attic.

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Fast Facts About Deck Installation

Whether you’re choosing wood or composite decking, it’s wise to consult with a custom deck builder about all materials being used, including the deck frame.  One option for a deck frame is brown treated wood.  Metal framing is quickly becoming a popular option for deck builders. That’s because a smaller frame is needed.  In terms of aesthetics, a metal frame has a better appearance.  This is especially true for the types of decks that second story or double decker.  Steel framing is also stronger than brown treated wood frames.  In addition, steel frame decking is more durable and has a longer lifespan.

Millboard Decking

When it comes to deck boards, one decking option that offers the ultimate peace of mind is Millboard®.  The material looks like a wood deck but is composite decking.  In addition, the surface of the deck does not get overly hot even in the summer months.  The decking also has built-in traction and does not become slippery in wet conditions.  MIllboard® deck boards are screwed down with a disappearing screw called Durafix.  This means that the deck absorbs the screw after it is installed.  This creates a more eye-catching look.  Hidden fasteners also make winter snow removal easier.

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