Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring Choices

Are you trying to make a poisonous-absolutely free dwelling space? Are you doing the job tricky to remove VOCs by producing far better choices? As you transform or construct, your flooring tops the checklist as 1 content that can make a big variation in the ecosystem you produce.

What are VOCs?

VOC is brief for risky organic compounds. VOCs are substances that have been tested to influence overall health possibly in the quick or extensive term. Some of them are carcinogenic, and have been confirmed to harm wellbeing.

Countless numbers of typical, day to day items employed throughout residential and industrial areas have high degrees of VOCs. As we turn into additional knowledgeable of what they are and how they effects us, we’re operating tricky to decrease them in the issues most possible to affect us.

Even now, some components have large VOC ranges, such as cleansing products and solutions, paints and finishes, and other creating components. After in place, they “off-gas” and launch chemical compounds into the air provide. Dependent on the problems, that may possibly expose all all-around it to higher pollutant degrees. VOCs off-gassing may well incorporate chemical substances these kinds of as:

  • Formaldehyde – discovered in pressed wood, plastics, lacquers, paneling, flooring, ending goods, and furnishings.
  • Phenol – identified in some vinyl flooring and wall coverings.
  • BTEX – observed in petroleum-based products.
  • Methylene chloride – the most prevalent of all VOCs, it is in flame retardant substances. It is typical in adhesives.

Dwelling with VOCs

Regretably, our life style of modern conveniences dictates that VOCs will be a part of our life for the foreseeable long term. When countless numbers of chemical substances arrive with each other indoors to form a toxic soup, the success can include things like complications, dizziness, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. Prolonged-term exposure can direct to really serious health issues, together with harm to the central anxious process, or most cancers.

A study by the EPAs Office environment of Investigate and Growth located about a dozen popular organic pollutants to be two to five times better inside residences than outdoors, no matter of whether or not the properties were located in rural or very industrial areas.

Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring ChoicesWith so quite a few poisonous substances inside your house, quite a few householders are having the phase to find out more about VOCs, what it usually takes to do away with them, and make superior decisions when picking house things this sort of as flooring alternatives.

How to come across the safest, greenest flooring decisions for your residence

As you tackle distinctive household advancement projects, pay interest to the supplies or substances made use of for each and every product or service you carry into your household. This may perhaps sound like an overpowering undertaking at first, but this is some thing you can get started paying out consideration to around time.

The EPA supplies a total checklist of recognized VOCs, what they are, and how they may perhaps be listed on the resources or goods you acquire.

You can also seem for certification systems outlined on the solutions you buy. The most popular certifications for examining a product’s impact on indoor air high quality involve:

GreenGuard – it has two stages of certification that evaluate VOC ranges in merchandise. The GreenGuard Gold certification is generally thought of the most valuable for analyzing healthier solutions on the marketplace currently.

Floorscore – Floorscore certification offers a normal certification procedure for all types of hard surface flooring resources, underlayment, and adhesives. Floorscore complies with the legally allowable limits in California, which does necessarily mean it is not as extensive as GreenGuard. But it’s however a setting up issue to finding cleaner, less toxic flooring.

Green Label Additionally is the carpet industry’s VOC certification method. They check for 35 compounds outlined in California suggestions for VOCs. This features carpet, padding, and adhesives.

There are other companies that present advice on what VOC restrictions are authorized in the generation of the flooring content. If you have any issues, you can request a single of our flooring consultants, or do a minimal analysis by yourself to get much more snug about the item you’re looking at obtaining.

What flooring decisions should you look at?

It’s difficult to make one unique suggestion for flooring in an write-up like this for the reason that the tips would be subjective at very best.

One particular of the greenest solutions can get rid of VOCs and be a terrific flooring decision for your dwelling, nevertheless have certain qualities that might not be conducive for the way your loved ones lives. Another possibility may perhaps have lower VOCs and be set up in these kinds of a way that it poses minimal risk to your dwelling environment.

What is the most effective flooring to suit your requirements? Only you can make that determination.

Having said that, as recommendations for very low or zero VOCs, we usually recommend:


Purely natural hardwood flooring is rather generally at the best o
f the listing as a safe and sound alternative for doing away with VOCs from your household. There are, of system, factors you will have to observe out for as you make your ultimate selection.

Wooden incorporates all-natural terpenes that are thought of protected in most circumstances. If you have a higher sensitivity, specially aromatic wood decisions may perhaps set off extra than other products.

All wood goes by way of processing from forest to last installation. Some of the chemical substances that flooring goods go by can harbor substances that could impact extremely sensitive people today. This is where by it pays to remain inform as to the item you purchase and what processes the producer employed to provide the flooring to industry.

Wooden also is a porous substance, which usually means it has a increased likelihood of harboring mold. Follow all recommendations to make certain your hardwood is effectively acclimated to your residence right before installation.

Finishes and adhesives can also alter a single of the greenest products into just one of the most dangerous. There are quite a few reduced and no VOC options for both. Just be absolutely sure your installer is conscious of your dreams, and helps you find the best of both of those.


An additional normal product that can be a terrific addition to your dwelling is tile.

Marble tile is a terrific preference for both of those superior looks and very low VOCs. Because marble is quarried from character, you will be bringing a purely natural item within your household. Like wooden, you are going to have to spend interest to the output procedure to make sure the general product has small or no VOCs as soon as it is put in within your home. And sealants, finishes, or adhesives must be checked to make sure they fulfill your anticipations on VOC degrees you desire to provide inside your household.

Slate is also a excellent alternative. A resin is typically utilized in producing to fill in very small pits and holes to make it a smoother surface. Be certain the solutions employed are lower VOCs. This is exactly where it pays to go with a nicely-regarded manufacturer, one particular you can investigate completely ahead of you finalize your buy.

If you are all set to eliminate VOCs and come across the ideal flooring decision to match your desires, these are just a several of the solutions that might make fantastic additions to your home.