Wanting to Buy a Kitchen Floor Mat? Here’s What You Need to Know 

Wanting to Buy a Kitchen Floor Mat? Here’s What You Need to Know 

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Do you want to redecorate your kitchen a little bit and try to find ways to do so without breaking the bank? A kitchen mat is a perfect addition to your kitchen to spruce it up without spending too much money. Of course, there are also other pieces of furniture or homeware that you could purchase. Hartleys Direct is a UK-based furniture and homeware company that aims to be simple and functional while providing products for all locations and lifestyles. If you’re interested in what this company has to offer, you should read some Hartleys Direct reviews so that you can do your research and hear about other peoples’ experiences with the company. But if it is a kitchen mat that you’re after, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Nowadays, there aren’t just plastic kitchen mats, there are so many different options, and you must choose one that best suits you and your kitchen. 

1. What Does It Look Like?

When buying a kitchen mat, you want it to blend in with the rest of the decor. You want a mat that will compliment the existing aesthetic of the kitchen without competing with it and drawing attention away from the rest of the kitchen. If the rest of your kitchen is bright and fun, choose a neutral-coloured mat that will blend in. Or, if your kitchen is neutral, then a kitchen mat in the same colour palette would be perfect and fit right in with the rest of the decor. However, you can also choose a colourful mat to bring colour into a neutral kitchen. The choice is all yours!

2. What is It Made Of?

This mat will be in the kitchen, which means it will be used a lot. Therefore, you must choose a mat that is stylish but also has substance. Your kitchen mat needs to be made of durable material to survive in your kitchen. You don’t want to choose a mat that looks good but is of terrible quality and then, within a few weeks, you need to buy another one. The kitchen mat that you choose should preferably be water-proof or water-resistant and should ideally be made of a soft material that could catch any dishes or kitchenware that might fall. Plastic floor mats serve well because they are durable and do not get soaked if water is spilt on them. 

3. Can You Clean It?

The kitchen is arguably the messiest place in the house. Whether it’s the dog dragging his toy through the house, or your kids messing with their food at dinnertime, there is always bound to be a mess on your kitchen floor. Therefore, you must accept that your kitchen floor mat will go through the wars and will probably come out with a few stains on the other side. Ideally, choose a kitchen floor mat that can be easily cleaned or washed, so you don’t have to live with the stains forever. However, while the mat needs to be easily cleanable, make sure you also choose a non-slip backing because your kitchen will often get slippery between doing the dishes and food spilling, and the last thing you want is to fall. 


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