What is Home Depot’s new ‘Hubspace’ smart home line?

What is Home Depot’s new ‘Hubspace’ smart home line?

If you’ve shopped online or in-store at Home Depot lately, you may have noticed a new logo popping up on certain products. The home improvement retailer recently launched its very own smart home platform called Hubspace, and it’s currently available on a variety of smart products from Home Depot-owned brands, such as Hampton Bay, EcoSmart, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hubspace and how it can help you create a user-friendly smart home without breaking the bank.

What is Home Depot’s Hubspace?

Hubspace is ​​Home Depot’s new private label platform for smart home products. For example, in the way you might use the Ring app to control certain Ring smart devices, like doorbells and security systems, you’ll use the Hubspace app to control smart products from Home Depot’s brands.

Hubspace is currently available on more than 40 products from Hampton Bay, EcoSmart, Defiant, and Commercial Electric, including smart lighting, outlets, and ceiling fans.

These products are exclusively available at Home Depot, and they’re often more budget-friendly than similar items from other smart brands. Plus, they don’t require a smart hub for operation, making them plug-and-play ready.

The Hubspace app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and it also works with smart assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control the devices via voice commands to your favorite Alexa-enabled smart speaker.

All Hubspace products come with a QR code that make them quick and easy to set up, and after they’re synced to your phone, Hubspace devices can be controlled right from the app—you can turn them off and on, adjust settings, and group items together.

In addition to being well-priced and easy to use, Hubspace products claim to have superior cyber security compared to other smart devices, which may help keep your smart home safe and secure.

How does Hubspace work with Alexa and Google Assistant?

Hubspace devices work with the Amazon Echo and Google Home ecosystems. This means that you can control Hubspace smart home gear by voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.

To do so, you will need to add any plugs, fans, or other Hubspace-enabled gadget in the Amazon Alexa or Google Home app for iOS and Android before you can use them for voice control.

What Hubspace smart home gear is available?

A colored lightbulb, a fan and a power outlet in front of a background.

Credit: Reviewed / The Home Depot

Wi-Fi connected ceiling fans, lightbulbs, and power outlets make up a bulk of the items compatible with Home Depot’s Hubspace line.

Hubspace is currently available on more than 40 devices at Home Depot, including options for virtually every space in your home. The following are the existing product categories that are available with Hubspace.

Smart ceiling fans

Currently, ceiling fans are the largest product category in the Hubspace lineup, with close to 40 different options available.

Many popular Hampton Bay ceiling fans are now available with smart features, which gives you more ways to control their operation.

These fans come in a variety of sizes and styles, and you’ll be able to turn them on/off and create automatic schedules for them via your smartphone or voice commands.

Smart lighting

Hubspace is currently available on a variety of smart lighting products, including both permanent fixtures and light bulbs. You can use the smart platform to control Commercial Electric recessed lights, and several other lighting options for both indoors and outdoors.

Smart outlets

This Commercial Electric smart outlet is also controlled by Hubspace. The device is designed to be hard-wired into your home, and once installed, you can remotely control any device that’s plugged into the outlet.

Home Depot plans to expand its line of Hubspace products, so it’s safe to assume more smart home devices will be added in the future.

These gadgets are a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to upgrade lighting fixtures and ceiling fans in their homes, and we’re willing to bet they’ll quickly become popular among Home Depot shoppers thanks to their ease of use and competitive price point.

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