What Makes A Chandelier Expensive?

What Makes A Chandelier Expensive?

Chandeliers are one of the best ornate fixtures that people can invest their money in, especially in making their homes, or offices, more aesthetically pleasing and extravagant.

Chandeliers have a natural ability of adding a feeling of elegance and warmth to any room that it is placed in, and it also serves as an essential ingredient in creating a particular ambiance in its environment while acting as a functional interior lighting in any home. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy these aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures as most of these furnishings are not that cheap, in fact, they are quite expensive depending on the type and kind of chandelier that you may be purchasing.

Chandeliers can come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs, which can be made of a number of different materials in its construction. All of these factors can determine the cost of any chandelier, which is why some chandeliers are considered to be more expensive than others. It is important to keep in mind that chandeliers are often related to the lavish and the extravagant, which is probably why most households that do have chandeliers in a part or some parts of their home are those that can afford it. Although there are cheap chandeliers as well, you still do not normally see chandeliers in poor households, or those which are not that well off financially.

Construction materials

One of the things that factors in a chandelier’s expensive cost is primarily the materials that is used in creating it. There are certain chandeliers that use crystals, such as the Swarovski crystals, as part of its materials. These crystals are used in making the chandelier appear more elegant and extravagant by adding it in the design of the entire chandelier. Crystals aren’t exactly cheap stuff, and considering that chandeliers use not just one, but a myriad of different types of crystals in constructing just one chandelier should give you an idea of just how expensive these lighting fixtures really are. Also, the materials used for the frame of the chandelier as well are taken into consideration, which is why two similar-looking chandeliers can vary in prices depending on the materials used in constructing them.


The size of the chandelier also plays a factor in its price, which is actually directly proportional to the amount of materials used in its construction, making larger chandeliers more expensive than smaller ones. However, those larger chandeliers that are made of cheap construction materials will not cost more than a smaller one that is made up of the finest construction materials around.

Design or pattern

The design or pattern on the chandelier itself can also be a factor in increasing the value of the chandelier, especially if the design pattern is very intricate and very elaborate. There are some chandeliers that do not have that much design but are more expensive than those that do, which could mean that certain factors may weigh more in the other chandelier as compared to the cheaper one, making the prior more expensive than the other.

No single factor dictates the price of a chandelier, which is why all of these different factors help influence the cost of chandeliers, but naturally, chandeliers are not cheap to begin with, so do not expect to be able to buy a brand new chandelier for a very cheap price, especially if all of the following factors are present.

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