World Changers in need of more home improvement projects

World Changers in need of more home improvement projects

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A local organization that has taken its efforts nationwide is gearing up for its annual, week-long community event starting on July 11.

World Changers helps residents clean up the outside of their homes for free, but they are currently in need of more home improvement projects.

“We are into transforming homes, and also people’s hearts,” World Changers Construction Coordinator Chris Burch said.

The organization started back in 1990. They are gearing up for their seventh year visiting Panama City.

“World Changers gives people a way to take their faith and put it to action,” Burch said. “The best way to do that is, they’re coming here, they’re paying to come, they’re paying for the travel, they’re paying for room and board and their food. Then they go out in this hot, summer sun and they’re there to serve. It just gives people a way to put their faith into action.”

The group has more than 200 volunteers traveling to the area to help the community in less than two weeks.

Some projects they work on include landscaping, yard clean-up, painting and roofing repairs.

“We are looking for need,” Burch said. “Of course, this is case by case, but every year we do between 25 and 40 projects and it’s been really fun just to kind of ride around and see projects from years past.”

The projects are funded through the Community Redevelopment Agency. They are currently looking for homes in need in Millville, Glenwood and downtown north.

“There’s something special about serving together and even in a week’s time, I feel like we see their skills,” Burch said. “We see people learn how to get better at using tools and teamwork and just the camaraderie. We love it when the homeowners are around and we get to get to know them and get to visit with them. It’s just kind of special the bond that can be made even in a short amount of time.”

Anyone in the area needing help cleaning up the exterior of their home is invited to fill out an application. Call the Panama City CRA at (850) 872-7230, or visit their office in room 206 at Panama City City Hall.