7 Advantages of Residential Solar Panel in New Orleans

The Ultimate Guide to Residential Solar Panel Installation in New Orleans

The number of solar energy uses is growing in numbers and this is because of several reasons. Solar energy has been trending in New Orleans since more and more residents are shifting to it as their source of power for their homes. Check on residential solar panel ideas and 7 advantages of residential solar panels in New Orleans.

What are the Advantages of Having a Solar Panel at Home?

Environmental Friendly

Solar energy is environmentally friendly since it produces a very minimal carbon footprint compared with non-renewable sources of energy which is the number cause of pollution in the environment. Plus getting these resources can damage the earth’s layer since they have to be mined. By shifting to solar energy you will be guilt-free from contributing to your environment’s toxic gasses.

Reduce Electricity Bills 

Most solar energy users can testify that their bills have been reduced. Using solar panels will divert your energy consumption to purely solar or mostly solar. This means your dependence on energy coming from the electricity grid will be reduced and result in low electricity bills. Electricity is a necessity and so most people can’t live without it, so despite paying those skyrocketing bills they still use electricity. By having solar panels you can now reduce your electricity bills as well as your worries. 

A solution to Power Outages

Power Outages can ruin our daily chores and even delay our work. By having a solar panel you don’t need to worry about blackouts anymore. YI9u can still be able to do the things you have to accomplish despite not having electricity from the grid since you can save solar energy in your solar energy. 

Lesser Chances of Rates Going Up 

When using non-renewable energy as a source of energy the increase in rates is non-stop due to the scarcity of the source. However, with solar energy, the rate per watt will not increase that drastically and the chances of increase are low. 

Higher Market Value

Properties with solar panel installation can increase their market value and can have an additional up to $15,000 added to their selling price. So no need to worry if you plan to move and wonder what happens to your solar panel system. 

Tax Federal Credit

Federal tax credits are given by the state to support the campaign in going green. This federal tax credit is a 26% rebate on your solar panel purchase and will decrease by the end of 22 to a lower percentage. The federal tax credit can be used to offset your tax payables at the end of the year, if there is any excess it will be credited to the next year until every cent is credited to you. 

Good Investment

A solar panel may have a huge upfront cost but this expense can be returned in 5 to 7 years of using your solar panel system. All the savings you can keep from paying your electricity bills can cover the expense you use to purchase your solar panel system. There is a return on investment.

How to Find a Reputable Solar Panel Company near New Orleans?

When looking for a reputable solar panel company make sure to be a wise buyer. Check on the following:

Background of the Company 

You can visit the company’s website to check on their background as well as details like how long have they been in the business industries? How do they treat their customers? You have to know these things so you can measure if they can give you the service you need as well as find out if they are reliable. 

Check on Legalities 

Permits and certifications can prove the authenticity of the solar company. Dealing with companies who are legit can prevent you from having troubles in the future, solar panels can last for 25 years so pick wisely who you will be purchasing from. 

Having an idea of the 7 Advantages of residential solar panels in New Orleans before purchasing one can help you decide if it will be beneficial to your household and if it’s worth it to invest in. So do your duty as a customer and do the checking necessary before finalizing your decision in buying your solar panels.