Smart Devices for Your Dorm Room

Life as a student away from home can often be overwhelming. While independence has its benefits, it also means you have to deal with a lot of problems on your own – including having to manage your own living space. This task is quite demanding for everyone. From keeping your valuables secure to making sure your space looks organized and clean takes a lot of work. An electric surge’s ability to damage your electronics is only one example of the problems homeowners have to face.

Fortunately, however, there are certain tools which can help you manage your living space in a much more efficient way. Smart gadgets are designed to improve any home, regardless of its make, size or location. The following are some smart devices which would be perfect for a dorm room.

Smart Speaker

This is one of the most basic smart gadgets which any user can benefit from. Whether you are a homeowner or a student, a smart speaker can certainly improve your living space by improving efficiency in all your tasks. By hooking this gadget up with your voice assistant, you can create a virtual assistant for yourself that will respond in audio form to all your spoken commands. 

A smart speaker saves both time and effort. It is an excellent gadget to have around when preparing for an exam, cooking or even multitasking. You can use it to check the weather, find the quickest route to a place or simply just play your favorite music. You can use your smart speaker to do anything you can with your phone, except that the interface makes it much easier. Once you command it to do something, your device will automatically figure out how to complete the task for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Smart Lights

Good lighting can completely change the mood of any living space. A dorm room may feel like a small space where your creativity is quite limited, but with smart lighting, you can add a unique element to it. Your dorm room will certainly stand out with whatever version of smart lighting you choose to incorporate within it, since smart lights provide users with many different customization options. 

With smart lights, you can add millions of different colors to your dorm room to change the mood at any time. Remote monitoring allows you to do this without even having to get out of bed, since you can easily control the lights through an app in your smartphone. Smart lights can be in the form of strips or LED bulbs, among other types; for students, an LED bulb would be an affordable and reliable option, and would definitely get the job done due to the smaller space.

With smart lights, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your living space according to your aesthetic preference. All you would need for a dorm room is one or two LED bulbs, which makes this a convenient option.

Smart Plugs

This gadget is the perfect addition in any living space. It allows you to convert any of your regular gadgets into ‘smart’ ones. Any compatible device which you connect using a smart plug will give your home smart features such as remote control and more efficient energy consumption. Smart plugs are a cheap and reliable alternative to purchasing actual smart gadgets, which is especially helpful for people on a budget.

As a student, your dorm room can benefit from using smart plugs since it is a temporary change to your living space and can easily be added or removed. All you need is a regular outlet, a smartphone and some ordinary appliances, and you are good to go. Smart plugs are easy to install and all information regarding them can be accessed through your smartphone, which makes them an easy to manage, low maintenance gadget. 

Smart Clock

As a student, time management is most likely one of your biggest issues. It can be very easy to lose track of time, stay up late and sleep in. This can cause your entire routine to be disrupted, which can negatively impact your productivity throughout the day. A smart clock may be able to help you manage your time a little bit better.

A smart clock generally does what any other clock would do – it tells the time and sets alarms for you. However, the look and some additional features are what set it apart from a regular clock. Firstly, you can control it using your voice assistant. It can set a schedule based on previous routines and alarms, so you never forget to set one. You can use it to check the calendar and get weather updates as well.

Setting up easy-to-use small gadgets in your dorm room is the best way to make it a more interesting place to spend time in. This may help you work better and make your surroundings more relaxing, so the space feels less confining.


It is a known fact that students are often on a very tight budget. Maintaining finances with very limited income can be quite difficult, but making certain smart investments can make life easier for students. The mentioned smart gadgets are an excellent addition to a dorm room due to how much functionality they add to your life. Dorm rooms are often compact and can become boring to live in, but these smart gadgets are bound to enhance students’ dorm room experience.