Decorating Your House According to the Cardinal Points

Decorating Your House According to the Cardinal Points

When redecorating there are many aspects to be taken into account. First you have to buy the necessary tools, then to choose the color of the paint, to decide whether you need water resistant paint or non-toxic paint for your childrenĀ“s room and this is just the beginning.

One of the most practical considerations to remember when choosing the color of a room is concerned with how the room is situated with regard to the cardinal points. This is a very important issue because according to the way windows are situated natural light enters more or less in the room. For example when the windows are facing north, the color of the room should be a warm color like light orange, orange or yellow. Especially in rooms oriented towards north, sunlight will never enter, the room being always in the shade. Rooms with windows towards west are also difficult for decorators; the color of the setting sun which is bright red influences the choice of the color of the room.

The south and east oriented rooms are easier to decorate. Sunlight is present most of the time in these rooms so whatever is the color of the room it is always visible. A cold color – light blue or bluish green – can establish a general aspect of clean and fresh, while in room facing north it will look greyish. A strong color will always look bright when your room is facing south, but when it is in a room with windows towards north it will seem darker and lead to depressions.

Besides the very important problem of light there are other things to bear in mind when decorating. Feng Shui became not only a feature of oriental culture, but the latest trend in decorating homes or offices. According to its principles cardinal points stand for different aspects of life. For example north is concerned with career, will and power. Things representing water – like a vase with flowers or a fish bowl – can help you with these aspects when you put them in the northern part of a room.

Along with these criteria it is always good to use high quality paint. Another principle of Feng Shui is that when you enter the room the smell you feel should be a pleasant one. Some of the professional paints help you with that aspect, too. Because the usual paint smell is no longer present in many of the new types of paint.

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