Exploring wine fridge choices

If you are thinking of having a wine fridge that allows an elegant display on the wall and stands out as a remarkable decor piece then collects some information about wine coolers UK. This demand of wine fanatics can be pleased by Italy manufactured Quadro vino fridges to store wine. It is also suitable for people who want to have a narrow drinks fridge as it can be mounted on the wall just like picture frames and you can display special wine bottles in it. 

You can gift this luxurious fridge to people you like, you can choose the colour of the frame and panel as well (wooden textures, white or black) and the internal structure comes in white and black colour only. Moreover, you can add LED lighting in blue or white colour to suit and fit your comprehensive taste and design.

Wall-mounted fridge

Wall-mounted fridges can be installed on any wall of your house and such fridges are used to display the most special wine kinds. Such wine fridges possess less capacity to hold the limited number of wine bottles but enhance the overall appearance of the area where it is positioned making it look graceful and sleek. It usually contains one, three, four and five bottle capacity along with separate space to put wine glassware along with bottles. It is installed on the flat wall and can also be used in restaurants and hotels.

The necessity of a wine fridge

Consistent storage is required for wine storage and most parts of the home cannot provide that, therefore it is essential to maintain a wine fridge based on your need. The fundamental room temperature is quite warm and not good for red wine because the perfect temperature for red wine lies between 50 to 68℉. So the basic reason to have a wine fridge is that it supplies temperature according to the need of the wine bottle. Now, dual-zone and single temperature models are available in the market.

Separate zones for reds and whites

Dual-zone fridges allow you to keep your white wine cooler than red wine. Such fridges come in stainless steel structure, tinted UV-protected glass window, fan system having efficient energy, LED lighting and give a perfect display. You can even store sodas, beer and more things. However, the design of such fridges restrains you from putting in broad-shouldered bottles due to the narrowing of racks.

Wine fridge for smaller spaces

There are compact wine fridges in the market specially made to fit smaller spaces containing usually four racks and an additional bottom rack to easily keep up to fifteen standard-size wine bottles. You can place the freestanding structure on the countertop or kitchen floor. Those models of wine fridges contain auto-lock, a control panel for observing the LED lights and temperature of the unit and technology to cool the compressor.


The primary intent of having a wine cooler is to keep your drinks ready for use, no matter whether you chose a wall-mounted fridge, freestanding or any other category.