How to Use Silk Plants – Achieving Maximum Impact

How to Use Silk Plants – Achieving Maximum Impact

A few years ago, silk plants were either cheap, mass-produced efforts destined for restaurant tables, or expensive, handcrafted flowers that were beautiful yet expensive. This has changed, and the sheer range of silk plants has grown over the years, with an unprecedented diversity of choices available, from hulking 7′ artificial trees to delicate silk orchids. Almost every conceivable species of houseplant is now available as a silk plant and, with the high degree of realism seen in superior quality silk plants, they have a range of uses.

Silk Floor Plants And Artificial Trees
Silk floor plants and artificial trees are perfect for filling a gap between pieces of furniture, or filling the corner of a room. There is a wide range of options, from the delicate foliage of a cycas palm to the slender elegance of artificial bamboo, and the clipped, clean lines of artificial topiary trees. Finding the perfect size and type to fill a gap and add softness, natural color, and freshness to room is not difficult.

Silk Hanging Plants
Hanging plants are a beautiful option but, because of the potential for mess caused by watering and leaf shedding, are rarely considered a viable option indoors. With the advent of highly realistic silk hanging plants, you can enjoy the beauty of grape ivy or a wandering jew in your sun porch or kitchen, without taking up valuable countertop or floor space

Silk Cabinet Top Plants
Silk cabinet top plants are the perfect option for armoires, bookcases, and kitchen cabinets, softening the lines of the furniture and adding natural texture and tints to your d├ęcor. From English ivy to cascading silk pothos, you can find a plant that will adorn shelves and cabinets beautifully. Cabinet top plants are low maintenance, so there is no risk of causing water damage to your prized furniture pieces. You don’t have to worry about light levels, making silk cabinet top plants a perfect option for dark, shady areas.

Silk Tabletop Plants
Tabletop silk plants are one of the most popular artificial plant options, providing you with a versatile and practical way to brighten up end tables, side tables, and other countertops. Available in a range of sizes, from 6″ plants to larger foliage planters, they are a great way to add a dash of color to a room, as an accent piece; in addition, you can use silk plants and silk flowers on your dining table without any hygiene issues.

Silk Shelf Plants
Silk shelf plants, commonly used on bookcases and mantles, subtly add color and texture to a room. There is a multitude of types and sizes available, from the elegant leaves of silk pothos, to the wonderful cascading foliage of grape ivy. They may not attract attention like a silk floor plant or silk centerpiece, but the room will look bare without them.

Developing A Design
Silk plants are a versatile and practical way to develop and enhance a theme in a room. You can use silk floor plants to fill gaps, silk tabletop plants to add a dash of color, and silk shelf plants to act as a subtle backdrop.

With the sheer variety and range of silk plants available, you can select artificial plants that complement each other perfectly and allow you to build up a multi-layered theme, giving your room design depth, body and interest, without the drawbacks of using real plants.

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