Pumpkin Spice + All Things Nice: Bookish Fall Decor

Pumpkin Spice + All Things Nice: Bookish Fall Decor

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I know it is August. Before you come at me to inform me it’s summer and too early to talk about bookish fall decor, I’m here to say I know, I get it, and summer is my favorite season. BUT in a world where there are far fewer things to indulge in without shame or guilt, let’s back off and let folks who are ready to fall in love with all things autumn do just that.

Plus, if you’re going to order bookish fall decor, you want it to arrive in time for the season. Trust me when I say you’ll see some Halloween costume ideas appearing soon, too.

Whether you’re in full pumpkin spice mode or want to plan how you’ll add some autumnal touches to your home, you’ll want to click, save, and purchase some of this fun fall bookish decor.

Note that these items are from Etsy, but beneath the featured images, I’ve linked to some other great fall and Halloween collections that you can also find some sweet bookish goods within. ‘Tis the season.

Delicious Fall Bookish Decor

Image of

We can all agree fall is a prime reading season, can’t we? So let’s infuse our spaces with the scent of reading weather, AKA crisp air and fallen leaves. $12

Image of three fall-themed magnetic bookmarks at the top of an open book page.

Bookmarks are simply decor for your books. These fall bookmarks are full of warmth and will add a little autumn to your current read. $5 and up

Three pumpkins made of recycled book pages.

This trio of upcycled book pumpkins would look great as a table centerpiece. $30 for the set

Image of a pumpkin made of book pages.

Here’s another take on the book page pumpkin decor. I love the festive decorations on the top. $35

Image of a glass jar of oil with diffuser sticks.

Want to add seasonal scents to your space but can’t or don’t want to use a candle? Enter the oil diffuser. This “cozy reads” scent is a mix of pumpkin, pear, and spices, AKA autumn in a scent. $38

Image of a person in a gray sweatshirt reading

You’re guaranteed coziness with this coffee and reading sweatshirt. $40 and up

Image of a black t-shirt with a small circle at the breast. Inside the circle are colorful trees and the words

This reading season tee features a gorgeous array of colorful trees. $22 and up

Image of a shelf of fall-colored books with fall-themed titles like

I want to curl up and read the (not real) autumn themed books on this piece of wall art. $19 and up

Image of orange sparkly candle named

My fall TBR is also orange and sparkly. This candle smells like hot apple pie and vanilla. Yum! $16

Image of black book sleeve dotted in orange and white pumpkins.

Keep your books safe on your travels with this pumpkin book sleeve. $15

Image of white mug with cats, scarves, and books.

Enjoy your favorite cuppa and book with this fall themed mug. I can smell my apple cider already. $29

Banner made out of old book pages. Each page has a letter, spelling out

This “Thankful” book page banner would look good all year long. $10

Image of pouch of

We all know the infamous Anne of Green Gables quote about Octobers, right? Why not cozy up with some Anne-inspired tea? $10

Image of spooky tree art, with branches featuring books, skeletons, ghosts, cats, and pumpkins.

I’d keep this gorgeous Halloween tree art, featuring books on one of the branches, as all-year-long art in my house. $21 and up

Image of a sticker with fall-colored book spines.

Plop this fall themed book stack sticker on your laptop or fridge or fresh new notebook. $2 and up

Green plaid book sleeve.

Plaid is the pattern of autumn, so keep your book cozy in this green plaid book sleeve. $18

Image of a wreath made of book pages.

Choose from among a number of different classics for your own book wreath. This certainly works year-round, but the gorgeous wood backing gives all the fall feels. $58

Image of a white throw pillow with fall images, including books, acorns, leaves, and cozy socks.

Your new favorite bookish throw pillow is here! $35

Image of a stack of red and yellow-green books.

Need a pile of decorative books? You’ll do no better than this autumnal-colored stack of green and red tomes. $35

Giant orange print reading "I'm So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers."

Go all-out with that previously-alluded-to Anne quote with this giant print reading “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” $160 with size options

If you’re looking for even more options, you’ll want to check out these spots:

Michael's advertisement, featuring bookish decor.

Michael’s always delivers on seasonal decor, and this year’s collection is packed with bookish fall goods. Snap up some fake books, cleverly used book pages, and, as peeped in one advertisement slide, a desktop replica card catalog.

Image of advertisement for indoor and outdoor halloween decorations at Target.

Though this year’s collection of fall and Halloween goods at Target hasn’t gotten the same level of press as in previous years and it looks to have less bookish goods, you won’t want to miss perusing the online — and offline — options.

Image of At Home Halloween decoration collection.

Is At Home a little known gem or something I missed out on for years? My local always seems pretty empty and yet, it’s always a place that I know will come through when I have a specific home need. Their Halloween and Fall collections have some fun bookish flair options. In-store options may be different than what’s on the website.

Grandin Road is another sweet spot for Halloween goods especially. Pictured above are their vintage book boxes. Those and other bookish fall decor can be found on their website or if you’re in Ohio or Georgia, at their outlet shops.

You can find even more great literary fall decor here, as well as snap up some spooky bookmarks for your autumnal reads.