5 Things to Consider When Choosing Floors for your Swedish Kitchen

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Floors for your Swedish Kitchen

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Floors for your Swedish Kitchen

One thing very obvious to Sweden is that it is a very cold country and because of this, people are very picky about the type of floors used in their homes. 

This article is a perfect guide to finding the best flooring option for your Swedish kitchen.

  1.  Material 

Kitchen floors should be made from hard or rough material to prevent easy sliding and minimize accidents in the kitchen. 

The material should be moisture and stain-resistant. 

Whether it is tile floors, Stones, planks, wooden floors, or concrete floors you will find them in a variety of options. 

There are tiled floors that are very slippery while others are not, they are also wooden floors that are moisture resistant with others are not, e.t.c.

Your construction consultant should guide you through what is the best option and which you can find good value for money. 

By reading reviews from independent review websites in Sweden like Omdömesställe, you can find construction companies that can extend consultancy services. 

If you happen to be looking for some floor materials in Sweden, have a look at some reviews about Byggmax. Look at what other people have to say about their services and whether or not they will suit you. 

If not you can further read along to find more of such companies.

The next thing to look at when buying kitchen floor materials is durability.

  1.  Durability 

The Kitchen is the most used space in a home. 

The flooring to be used in a kitchen should therefore be stronger and more durable than the rest of the house. 

The flooring should not be susceptible to moisture or easy wear and tear.

Refrain from using cheap and smooth tiles because you will be inviting serious accidents in your kitchen. 

Cheap and lightweight tiles also make them easy to break considering the number of times people have to step on them. 

If you have to use tiles in your Scandinavian kitchen, these are some characteristics of durable tiles

  • a high Coefficient of Frictions 
  • low water absorption 
  • High Mechanical Strength (MOQ)
  • more Surface abrasion resistance 

The best tile option for your Scandinavian kitchen is Porcelain tiles. They are denser and harder and they make the perfect fit for a high footfall area like the kitchen.

  1.  Style 

Like many Scandinavian countries, Swedish kitchens are very minimal and modern. 

Style is always our personal taste and will varry from one person to another.

There are no rules to construct your Swedish floorings a certain way, only that you can use what other people have done with their homes to find inspiration for your kitchen. 

  1.  Maintenances

Before choosing your Swedish kitchen floor you may want to consider options that require very little maintenance.

Stone floors make the perfect option because of the hard and rough surface that can well support high traffic in the kitchen.

They are also very easy to clean and they dry faster.

With tile flooring is you might find those that are quite difficult to maintain which are often very cheap or go for more expensive version of tiles that are easier to maintain.

  1. Budget 

It all comes down to how much you are going to pay. Kitchen takes up the most investment in a home because even if you decide to sell your property your potential buyer will be eager to know how the kitchen looks.

If you’re going to install whatever typo flooring material for your kitchen, always go with what brings value for your money.

It is better to invest a lot of money on a good durable kitchen floor rather than spend a lot more on repair or replacement.

Do your research to know the average pricing of raw materials so you can compare what works best for your budget.

  1. Color and patterns 

The floor colors are often neutral or light colors. It’s made to range from white or browns to much darker colors like gray and black.

For wooden flooring, a lighter shade of brown or bright colored wood is the best option. 

There are little-to-no patterns in the floorings in Swedish homes. Marble patterns for tile floors or plain coloured tiles.

I would highly recommend that you install a dark coloured hardwood floors because it is much warmer.

However, the colour should be based on your preference because it is not the absolute temperature regulator.


My best pic for a durable long-lasting kitchen floor is Stone flooring. It is very durable, moisture resistant and with the right type of stone, you can get the minimal look just like Swedish kitchens.